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What JChef customers say

Trusted by hundreds of Jewish families

Highly Recommend!

I'm in love with this. First, the meat is the finest quality you can buy. Second, the recipes are easy to make and come with step-by-step instructions. Third, the portions are a "healthy" size. You definitely get 2 FULL servings from each box. Highly recommend!  

- Jess Gurtman

These meals save me every night

Busy mom here and these meals save me every night when I get home from work. Easy, organized, and delicious (even my toddlers like it). Can’t say enough about how great JChef is!!

- Melissa Susswein

Customer service is Amazing!

Can’t say enough good things about J Chef. The food is beautiful and their customer service is AMAZING!!!!!

- Rena Cornateu

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it really Kosher?

    We are certified Kosher by KM Kosher Miami. Kosher Miami adheres to only the strictest standards of Kashrus. We do not use any dairy ingredients in our recipes. We ship meats and produce/ingredients in separate insulated bags. The Mashgiach checks all ingredients before we ship. All freshly made breads, buns or rolls are Pas Yisroel. All ingredients used in our recipes are verified kosher by KM.

  • What kitchen tools do I need at home?

    It's easy to cook with JChef, you only need common household items like small, medium, and large bowls; pots and pans (nonstick is preferred); a cutting board or another safe cutting surface; baking sheets; knives, wooden spoons, a spatula; a strainer or colander, and aluminum foil. Some recipes call for an outdoor grill or grill pan, but you can substitute with pans if you do not have access to either one.

  • When does JChef deliver?

    Our boxes are sent out once per week by Tuesday and most customers receive them by Wednesday of each week. Tracking information will be available throughout transit.

  • How do you keep food fresh in transit?

    We ship all of our ingredients with care using a recyclable, double insulated box with insulated bags, and with water soluble, cold gel packs designed to keep your food fresh in transit.