Sumac Salmon

with green beans and kalamata olives

On the menu Jun 17 — Jun 23

This succulent salmon is paired with fresh green beans, which add a satisfying crunch, bringing a garden-fresh vibe to every bite.

As a finishing touch, a sprinkle of sesame seeds introduces a subtle nuttiness, creating a well-rounded dish that’s not just about simplicity but a harmonious balance of flavors.

It’s a culinary journey that transforms a meal into an experience, offering a tasty and wholesome treat for your senses.

On the menu Jun 17 — Jun 23

Preparation Time:
30 min


  • Salmon Filets

  • Kalamata Olives

  • Lemon

  • Green Beans

  • Honey

  • Sesame Seeds

  • Sumac

  • Radishes

  • Energy (kJ)

  • Calories

  • Protein

  • Total Carb

  • Total Fat

Potential Allergens:

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